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London is a city that will spoil you when it comes to clubbing. You will find many chic and luxurious clubs everywhere. In most of London clubs, the entrance is on the guest list but it’s not as simple as that. The reason why we highly recommend you make a VIP table reservation to spend a privatized evening with your friends!

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Cirque le Soir, located in Oxford Street, is a unique and prestigious club in London that presents shows with magicians, jugglers, acrobats and burlesque dancers in a setting inspired by a circus. The music played is mainly RnB, Hip Hop and House.

Cirque le Soir is also known for hosting stars from around the world including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, The Weekend and Drake. To party and rub shoulders with these celebrities you must book a VIP table!

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The Weekend Cirque le Soir

One of the advantages of booking a table at Cirque le Soir is that you will not have to queue. It will also increase your chances of meeting a celebrity during the evening. Please note that for groups gents only it’s imperative to make a table reservation as guest list entry won't work. 

Cirque le Soir Club London

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Info and Bookings

If you are planning on booking a VIP table at Cirque le Soir, please contact us at +44 (0)77 4851 2627 or email us at

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