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Have you ever heard of a fanciful and offbeat club located on Oxford Circus? Yes, it's Cirque le Soir! With years of history and amazing parties on their back, this iconic nightclub is known as the most extravagant, exciting yet unpredictable and original night out in the world! But what about their door policy? Continue reading to know more about it. 

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If you want to experience a unique and totally different night out in the city of London, Cirque le Soir is where you should be heading to. The most tempting parties take place in this exclusive club and we are sure you won't regret attending one of them.

As you can expect, Cirque le Soir has an incredible atmosphere and ambiance and even though everyone wants to pass through the doors, you must be aware of its door policy. Some important points to keep in mind is Cirque le Soir's minimum age and dress code. If you don't respect their door policy, unfortunately, you won't be able to enter the club. So before you enjoy the craziest night of your life we need to be clear on the ins and outs.

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With Cirque le Soir's door policy comes the dress code which is smart and elegant so make sure you dress to impress! The club discourages casual dress codeintoxicated customers and male-heavy entourages.

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Regarding the minimum age at Cirque le Soir, you must be 21+ to gain entrance. NO ID, NO ENTRY. For the best clubbing experience and the easiest way to gain access to Cirque le Soir's weird and wonderful world, a table reservation is highly recommended.

If you want to experience an unforgettable night out at Cirque le Soir, join Lux Guestlist HERE. But please don't forget about the points you've read, the door policy is strict and the club reserves the right of admission.

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Now that you're aware of the door policy at Cirque le Soir, don't hesitate and join our guest list!

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