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Tape London is a popular nightclub where VIP clubbers are bombarded with the best Hip Hop and RnB music. Without any doubt, it's one of the best clubs in London for music lovers, and it doesn't stop getting better until 3 am. It is known for being a celebrity hotspot and hosts international famous DJs, both regularly and prominently. Celebrities from across the entertainment spectrum, including music stars and sports stars enjoying a night out with their pop-culture counterparts, can be found at this hottest nightclub in London.

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Read below all the details on Tape London Club table booking prices, access conditions, what is included in the price you are quoted, the club VIP area map, the menu with all bottle prices for both liquors and champagne, and all the information you need to book your VIP table in Tape London Club.

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Table Map Tape London:

Tape London Table Map

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Bottle Prices Tape London :

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• Standard: £1k min. spend on drinks/bottles (4 guests max); £2k min. spend on drinks/bottles (10 guests mixed max).

• VIP: £2k min. spend on drinks/bottles (3 guests max); £3k min. spend on drinks/bottles (10 guests mixed max).

The groups should be mixed (ladies and gentlemen)

How to book a table at Tape London?

• Call / Text / WhatsApp us at: +44 (0)77 7509 2749

• We proceed with your booking request directly with the club and we send the confirmation to your e-mail.

• Send an email to

How to pay?

• London Lux offers free VIP table booking without additional costs.

• There is no need to pay in advance for a table booking. You settle your bill in the club at the end of the night.

What to do at the door?

• When you arrive at the club just give the full name of the table booking (company name for corporate events) to the person at the door.  

• You will get in via the VIP entry (faster queue)

• We will be in touch with you all night just to make sure that you are happy with our services and that you are having the best experience possible.

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Photos Tape London:

Tape Club London

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Discretionary 15% service charge will be added to your bill,

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