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  • 10 Free Things to do in London

    10 Free Things to do in London

    Friday, 17 of May of 2019

    If you are visiting London on a tight budget our guide can help you know and experience the cities rich history without investing a pound.  

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  • Best Themed Bars in London

    Best Themed Bars in London

    Wednesday, 24 of April of 2019

    London's nightlife is constantly evolving and in the past year, some quirky and fun bars have opened their doors offering extraordinary experiences. Finding something a little bit different in London is often easier said than done but these venues go beyond the typical and will transport you to a whole new world for at least a couple of hours. Whether you are interested in the old west or pirates here a list of London's best-themed bars that will surely make a perfect night out in the UK capital.

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  • Best Day Trips from London

    Best Day Trips from London

    Wednesday, 03 of April of 2019

    If you're in London or planning to visit do not settle with only the city attractions there are also some beautiful sights around the city. 

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  • March Events in London

    March Events in London

    Friday, 01 of March of 2019

    As Spring arrives in London the days start to get longer and sunnier with plenty of events to embrace the new season. It is the perfect time to walk around the city's best parks and gardens as they start to bloom and burst with colour.

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  • 10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in London

    10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid in London

    Monday, 11 of February of 2019

    A lot of travellers think visiting the city of London is out of their price range. However, visiting the capital can be successful even on a tight budget. There’s lots of fun things to do in London on a budget, including exploring its free museums, attractions, and going on self-guided walks.

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  • November 2018 London Events

    November 2018 London Events

    Friday, 12 of October of 2018

    London's calendar is extremely busy all year long. Even though November in London equals longer evenings and chillier days, it shouldn't be an excuse to hole up at home. 

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  • Cocktails, Drinks & Calories

    Cocktails, Drinks & Calories

    Friday, 03 of August of 2018

    Have you ever wondered how many calories has your favorite drink or cocktail? Well, we are here to answer your question and clarify any doubts on which are the "healthier" ones. ;)

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  • Drake Now Has More No. 1 Hits Than Any Rapper Ever

    Drake Now Has More No. 1 Hits Than Any Rapper Ever

    Saturday, 14 of July of 2018

    It's no surprise for no one that Drake has absolutely owns the Hot 100 chart. Currently, his Scorpion viral smash, “In My Feelings,” is number one on the list after previously sitting at sixth. Scorpion shattered streaming records over its first 24 hours, with the Associated Press reporting totals of 170 million streams on Apple Music and another 132 million on Spotify. 

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