Table Booking The Cuckoo Club

The Cuckoo Club is such an amazing club to visit If you want to enjoy the party in an exclusive way at London Nightlife. With the experience, you won't regret!

The Cuckoo Club

If you didn't book a table never in your life, this is the right place! The Cuckoo Club offers amazing and exclusive advantages for table booking and you will live the party from the exclusive and VIP way!  

With 5,000 square feet of ostentatious design all over the club, The Cuckoo Club is the dreamed club and book table at it, an experience you won't forget. It has two floors full of colors, amazing decoration and an atmosphere that has to be seen to believe it!

Info and Bookings

Table booking is such amazing at The Cuckoo Club where you'll feel the party and the atmosphere for another perspective that you never did before. Also, you can join in the guest list but we recommend you to try the table booking experience!

The cuckoo club guest list

Another important point if you want to table booking at this amazing nightclub is the dress code, you must dress to impress because a lot of celebrities love to party here such as Rihanna or Lindsay Lohan!

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Did you like The Cuckoo Club? You can table booking and enjoy it to the top! For more info about The Cuckoo Club contact us at +44 (0)77 6916 9101 or email us at

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