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With 5,000 square feet of ostentatious design, The Cuckoo nightclub is the dreamed venue for London's VIP partygoers. It has two floors full of colours, amazing decoration and an atmosphere that has to be seen! The upstairs is a dazzling dining room and bar where you can dine in style before heading downstairs to the dancefloor where every night is likely to be a memorable one. At the bar experienced mixologists create the most innovative and tasty cocktails. The Cuckoo Clubs interior is both captivating and extravagant lavishly decorated with pink trees, plush velvet and shades of burgundy. 

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The Cuckoo Club found in Soho, is well-known for attracting London's fashionable movers and shakers. It is also a popular haunt among celebrities in search of an exclusive nightclub where to party until the early hours in the capital. 

You will most definitely be blown away if you decide to party at Cuckoo's VIP parties. Besides its sumptuous surroundings, the club also maintains the high energy levels with its lightning. LED lights flash hang from the ceiling and change the colours to reflect the music mood.  Come down to Cuckoo's dancefloor and dance to the rhythm of your favourite tunes! 

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If you are looking for a luxurious night in London's VIP nightlife, we guarantee the VIP Cuckoo Club will offer you more than that. To party at Cuckoo, you have to be on a guest list or better yet have a VIP table booked. 

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