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Located in the heart of Mayfair area there's a new project called Drama Park Lane and it has been created by the team behind Cirque le Soir and amazing club that you must check If you party at London, but what about their door policy? Continue reading If want to be aware of this important point.

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Drama Park Lane is a club that will conquer you at the first moment you enter to it. With the amazing design, your desire to a party will be increased for seconds!  

Of course, the atmosphere here is incredible, but you must be aware of the door policy that includes some important points like the minimum age you must have to enter to this club. The door policy about this is very important and you won't be able to enter If you don't meet that condition.

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Another point you must consider about the door policy at Drama Park Lane is the dress code and maybe you're more used to it, but here it's very strict and you must fulfill it to the top If you want to enjoy of a fantastic night out here!

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Drama Park Lane operates a very strict door policy because a lot of celebrities love to party here, so to avoid disappointment dress your best and be with a great attitude!  

If you want to be a part of the amazing atmosphere at Drama Park Lane you can join in our guest list but don't forget about the points you've read, the door policy here it's a must!

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Now you're aware of the door policy at Drama Park Lane so don't hesitate and join our guest list!

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For more info about Drama's door policy contact us at +44 (0)77 6916 9101 or email us at vip@luxguestlist.com.

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