Chinawhite Ladies Dress Code

Dress to impress!

To party at the exclusive Libertine by Chinawhite London it’s mandatory to be well dressed. Libertine by Chinawhite's ladies dress code is smart & sexy.  

First of all, you should always remember a few simple rules of the clubs ladies dress code: sexy dresses and high heels are a MUST if you want to gain access. Make-up is also very important for Libertine by Chinawhite's ladies dress code. But don't try to hard to put on your beautiful face everything that you have in your makeup bag, remember you must always look classy! Finally, don't forget to bring your smile, because one beautiful smile can break many hearts! Want to party at Chinawhite? Remember you can join Lux Guest List. Find more info here.

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Below three different styles that can inspire you:

Always in black

Dress Code Chinawhite

You can never go wrong with a simple little black dress. It is a classic among VIP party goers and you must always have at least one in your wardrobe! You will only need to add a bright accessory (earrings, necklace, shiny bag), red lipstick and your favourite high heels and voilà, you are ready to go!

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Dress to Shine

Dress Code Chinawhite

If you want to go with a more elegant and stylish look, sparkle and shine in sequins and glitter! You will surely create a stunning sensation and wow all gents! Go for it!  

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Queen on the Dance Floor

Dress Code Chinawhite

A little color never killed anybody! If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can always use some bright colors: bright blue, red ... It is always welcomed on the dance floor!  

We hope our tips have helped you with your outfit for Libertine by Chinawhite! Remember that the dress code is extremely important so please dress to impress!

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