Boujis Dress Code


Adress: 43 Thurloe Street, Kensington, London, SW7 2L    

With sixteen years opened to the public, Boujis club has become one of the chicest and most fashionable clubs in London, aimed to the rich & famous that party in the South Kensington area. It is hard to go inside this exclusive venue, but once you are allowed in, you will enjoy of an unforgettable night in a totally different atmosphere, different from what you have seen in London nightlife.


This elegant venue has very chic VIP area which is out-of-bounds to the average people, but perfect for celebrities! Some of the superstars that have been spotted in Boujis are Rihanna, Lady Gaga and royals such as Kate Middleton.  

Come down and dance to the beats of Boujis resident DJs, Klaus, Peter Tong & Sam Young while tasting one tasty drink from their huge cocktail list! You can book a table or join our guest list for an exclusive and an enjoyable experience!

Ladies Dress Code

If you want to be the center of attention and the star of the party, you must dress in your smartest clothes! Dress code is an important point in London clubs. In Boujis, the dress code is sexy and trendy and ladies we recommend the ladies to wear heels with an elegant dress – a little black dress will be perfect! - and some jewelry to compliment it, you will be just fine!

boujis dress code

Makeup and Hairstyle

Your hairstyle and makeup must go along with your outfit! You can make a straight or curly hair, but make sure you are flawless! What about the make-up? A champagne smokey eyes will be great. Smokey eyes are sexy but can come across as intense and dramatic. If that's not the message you're sending, try the lighter, softer version!

boujis dress code

Gents Dress Code

The dress code is the most important criteria for London clubs and you will not be allowed into the club if you don’t respect that. At Boujis club, gentlemen must wear smart casual clothes with elegant shoes. A nice shirt with smart trousers could be an option. Avoid jeans and sportswear shoes! Pay close attention to the dress code if you want to party at this selective venue.

Boujis Gents Dress Code

Now that you know what to wear to look and feel good, join us at the Boujis Club!!

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