100 Cristal Champagne popped at Cirque le Soir!

Address: 15-21 Ganton Street London W1F 9BN  

Cirque le Soir is known as London's most exclusive and selective club and the playground of the rich and famous! This due to a number of reasons including their famous bottle shows! The club has three different bottle shows:  

The Flying Dwarf Show: consists of 1 bottle of Dom Perignon jeroboam, 5 bottles of Dom Perignon and a complimentary tray of shots delivered by a flying dwarf which cost 7k.  

The High Roller's Show: consists of 10 bottles of Dom Perignon and a complimentary tray of shots delivered by performers show which cost 3.5k.  

The Birthday Bonanza: consists of 1 bottle of Belvedere Magnum, 5 bottles of Dom Perignon, a complimentary tray of shots and a birthday cake delivered by performers which cost 2.5k.

Table Prices

But this past Friday 7th October history was as made in London! We witnessed the most EPIC show ever where 100 bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne were popped! It was one of Cirque le Soir's craziest nights and we were there to see it all! 

100 Cristal Bottles at Cirque le Soir

You don't believe us?! See it for yourself:

Cirque le Soir's most famous parties are ‘Hype-Hop Party’ on a Wednesdays and ‘Censored’ every Friday! Join Lux Guest List and be part of the magic of Cirque le Soir!

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