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If you want to party in one of our clubs, you must be aware that the dress code in most of them is DRESS TO IMPRESS and for you to look your best, you will need to choose a good makeup for the occasion. We only work with the best and most selective venues in London where we guarantee the most exclusive ambiance and fashionable crowd. 

If you are planning on joining us this weekend, dress your best to stand out and impress the door staff. For this, we recommend a more intense makeup, colorful and glamorous. Feel free to highlight your eyes to make them appear larger. You can accentuate your lips to make your makeup more attractive and sexy.

Makeup London

If you decide to go to Cirque le Soir, we advise you to put yourself on the theme of the nightclub. The decor is inspired by the Cirque, in this case, you can accentuate your eyes by adding glitter for example.

Dress Code Tips

Makeup London Parties

If you decide however to go to the clubs to the theme RnB or Hip Hop, you can make smokey eyes, you can boost the mascara and put a lipstick with intense color.

Dress Code Tips

Smokey Eyes London Parties

London clubs are unique but also very selective, don’t forget to be glamorous, sexy, chic and elegant. Simply, be dressed to impress!

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