London fashion guide dress code

You have a party organized in one of our clubs? An appointment? Or just an evening with friends? Don’t worry we will give you the best fashion advice to match the expectations of the London clubs!  

The clubs we work with in London are stylish and luxurious places with sophisticated, modern and glamorous interior decor. To match that, your outfit should be chic and elegant. Remember that the most important thing is to be feminine and glamorous for girls and classy and elegant for men.

You can opt for something simple but very chic and elegant:

Dress Code London

You can also opt for something sexier:

Dress Code London

When the warm weather arrives, opt for more colorful outfits:

Dress Code London

For men, in order to have a classic but chic style, the easiest way is to opt for black pants with a white shirt and a blazer:

London Dress Code 

The clubs in London are very demanding and strict about the attire. It is very important to match the desired criteria.  These were some examples of expected outfits! Put on your best clothes and become the star of the evening!

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