Chance The Rapper performs at Cirque le Soir London

Address: 15-21 Ganton Street London W1F 9BN  

Cirque le Soir is the club where London’s elite comes out play! The club won as “Best Club Night” at the London Club & Bar Awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015 and has become the place where to be and be seen every weekend in London. Cirque le Soir delivers the most exciting parties in the capital and has become London’s #1 celebrity hotspot!

Censored Fridays Cirque le Soir

Every Friday night Cirque le Soir offers an unparalleled nightclub experience with their “Censored Fridays” party. Censored Fridays is London’s kinkiest, naughtiest and baddest party! The mix of fire eaters, aerial, burlesque and circus acts never cease to amaze its clientele. Every night is a new night at the cirque!

Party at Cirque le Soir London

This past 30th September we had the chance to see American hip-hop star Chance The Rapper perform at Cirque le Soir. He is known on the scene for his vibrant rhymes and jazzy, retro beats. At a very young age, he has already earned the love and respect of his elders, like Kanye West. He is also known as one the hottest acts in music, has a top 10 album and his own festival. Definitely an admirable career.

Chance the Rapper at Cirque le Soir London

Chance the Rapper performing at Cirque le Soir

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