Thursday - Do Not Disturb - Tonteria

Thursday - Do Not Disturb - Tonteria

Tonteria – 11:00h –

  • RnB, House and commercial
  • Local and International
  • 18+
  • Smart and elegant (Guys must wear collared shirts and shoes)

Complimentary entry for GIRLS before 11 PM, GUYS £20 cover all night. 

Tontería is a tapas lounge/club on Sloane Square. This place offers the finest of tapas and delicious cocktails. Come and immerse yourself in the Mexican atmosphere for an evening at Tonteria. Join us every Thursday and catch on to the Mexican wave. Tontería has a unique concept that you will not experience anywhere else in London. The dress code is casual and elegant. So go ahead and join Lux Guestlist, you won't regret it!

Music at Tonteria

Sala principal

  • RnB, House and commercial


Tonteria, exclusive mexican themed nightclub, lounge and cocktail bar located in Sloane Square London. Read more

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