VIP Guest List at Amika London


The VIP Amika is one of the "must go" places in London. There is no other club in Kensington High Street with such a sophisticated atmosphere. The very chic crowd of VIP Amika includes models and famous celebrities who are love this venue for the incredible parties. The club has3 different rooms, all with a different and luxurious atmosphere.

Amika Vip Club

The music of VIP Amika is varied but ruled by funky house and electro sounds with RnB rhythms. All the handsome men in Prada suits and posh sexy girls in their Gucci are love to dance all night long in this club. Moreover, VIP Amika has a huge variety of Champagnes and martinis, which you would definitely have to try.

Amika Vip Glist

The VIP Amika is the perfect place for the stylish party.

Amika Vip Table Booking

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