Saturday party at Amika

Best time to go out

If you start thinking about the most exclusive club in London, the only thing which is goes to your mind is Amika club. This is not occasionally, because Amika is famous for hosting the most luxury parties. There you can meet only VIP crowd and well-known celebrities.

Amika party

Amika club has its own sophisticated atmospere, where you can have a great party time. There are three different fancy rooms: Chandelier bar, Champagne room and Cocktail room. All of them very luxury areas with special unique style. Chandalelier, where you can find a DJ booth,  has dark gothic decor. If you looking for more pravite space - you will love VIP Champagne room, where you ll find  all these VIP tables with ice backets and Champagne. In Cocktail room you can find relaxing atmosphere with mostly white decor and tasty drinks.

Saturday party at Amika is the best event to attend. The best DJs, crowd and atmoshpere you can enjoy only there. Enjoy your Saturday party at Amika with London Lux!