Photos of the stunning Shaka Zulu London

Here pictures of London's most stunning venue, Shaka Zulu:

Shaka Zulu Photos Interior

Shaka Zulu is London's largest South African restaurant.

Shaka Zulu London Interior

Set over a groundbreaking 27,000 sq ft in The Stables Market, Camden this spectacular two-floor restaurant, bar and club offer amazing food, drinks, live music, dancing and daytime family entertainment.

Shaka Zulu Club London

The lower floor of this stunning venue is complemented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues and the Mezzanine level offers a champagne bar and cocktail lounge overlooking the stunning braai restaurant. 

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Shaka Zulu London Club

Carved wooden murals cover every inch of Shaka Zulu's walls and ceiling making it a beautiful space to host private events and parties. 

Shaka Zulu London Club

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