The Box Party

Address: 11-12 Walkers Court, Brewer Street, Soho

Looking where to spend an amazing, fun and original party? Join us at The Box London!

The Box club is described as the most mysterious and selective party and nightclub of the capital. Therefore, it is necessary to be on a guest list or book a table to be able to access the club. However, once you have managed to entry we promise that you will not be disappointed!  Want to party at The Box? Book a VIP table with Lux and party in style!

The Box London

The place is gorgeous with a very classy and sophisticated interior decoration. The Box looks like French boudoir 1940's with candle-lit hallways and hazy mirrors. The Box is an intimate venue with two stages, where all the action happens. It's the perfect venue to enjoy a fabulous party with friends! If you truly love a VIP party, you'll appreciate the crowd at The Box which is glamorous and very energetic on the dance floor! 

London VIP Party

You'll be happy to know that many celebrities are attracted to this London venue such as Leona Lewis, Kate Moss, and Prince Harry. Wouldn't it be amazing to spend a party with them? They appreciate the quality service and professionalism of the Box. So if you want to enjoy a party like a celebrity, join us at The Box! This chic venue is recommended for someone who isn't looking for the same boring nightclubs.

Furthermore, there is a VIP area at The Box which allows you to enjoy a more intimate and private party. Any other night you can meet a celebrity, especially if you book a VIP table at The Box!

The Box Club attracts only good looking trendy crowd. So it's a very exclusive party! The crowd is very demanding, but the range of drinks and tasty cocktails that The Box proposes will satisfy the needs of this clientele. Once it is 1 am, famous art exhibitions will be on display. This is a truly unique and innovative concept.

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