Party at Jalouse

 When we up in the Club - all eyes on us!

Jalouse London is a glamorous heart of London nightlife. Party at Jalouse is the most incredible event, where only selective people going for dancing with great ambience and tasty cocktails. If you want to see the real London luxury club - Jalouse is definitely worth to see! Famous party at Jalouse attracts celebrities and super models, so you can end up your night  chatting with leggy beautiful girls!

Jalouse party

Jalouse London has a huge dance floor, where you can dance with best electro music. Luxury Hollywood atmoshpere will make you feel like Super star, well, you are a Super star once you in Jalouse! Party at Jalouse is a "must go" for every VIP clubber.

Put on your best outfit and enjoy your best night experience with VIP party at Jalouse!