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London is the perfect city where to have a true luxury experience on your VIP night out. London has the most exclusive clubs with glamorous and elegant VIP areas full of celebrities, supermodels and London's elite. Even though we work with guest lists some people may require something a bit more special and private and our VIP table booking service offers you exactly that. Who doesn't like a table overflowing with champagne and spirits? Lux Guestlist offers free VIP table booking without additional costs.

We offer you the best service in the capital and work only with the best clubs. The table booking service is recommended for larger groups and for only guys groups. London VIP table booking is also great for special occasions - birthdays, bachelor parties or just to party for the sake of partying with a private space, private waitress and special VIP treatment.  

London VIP Tables

Prices depend on the club and the number of guests but you can still find tables for £500 at Libertine by ChinawhiteThe Reign Showclub, Dolce, Shaka Zulu and others. For most of the clubs in London, the cheapest table is of £1K in clubs like Cirque le Soir, Tape, The Cuckoo Club, Toy Room, and others. Booking a VIP table is totally worth it to truly enjoy a night out in the electrifying city of London. With Lux Guestlist you have the best deals with a complimentary VIP service.

VIP Tables London

With Lux VIP table booking service you can book your table and party in style at the most selective clubs in the capital. We take very seriously to only recommend the best clubs so do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information. 

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Booking a table with Lux also brings a number of benefits including 24/7 phone access, drinks pricelists and to know which club is particularly popular on any given night of the week. Don't miss your chance to experience the best nights in London with LUX!

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