London Shoes Fashion Guide

In addition to giving you a list of the most famous clubs in London, we care about giving you the best fashion advice to help you look sharp and avoid any disappointments at the door. If you follow our tips, we guarantee you a night full of fun and excitement! 

Here our London fashion guide:


It is very common that people get rejected at the clubs door because they are wearing inappropriate shoes that don't go along with the clubs dress code. Here we will help you choose the correct shoes for you to avoid this uncomfortable situation.

Mayfair clubs are the most popular clubs in town and as you might expect the dress code is smart & elegant. To party at these selective venues we recommend the ladies to wear heels (no flat shoes) and gents smart shoes. 

The ladies:    

We recommend glamorous and elegant high heels. It’s forbidden to wear flat shoes.

London Dress Code
The boots with high heels are also accepted.  

London Dress Code

You must be the most feminine possible.  

Remember to always be stylish. 

The gents:

Wear elegant and chic shoes.

London Dress Code

Moccasins are recommended but sneakers are strictly prohibited.

  London Dress Code

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