Halloween 2015 at Boujis


With Halloween falling on Saturday this year, you can rest assured that London will bring you the ultimate parties for a weekend that you’ll never forget! And Boujis is playing a very important role having themed Halloween parties from Thursday through Sunday! Join us and take your Halloween experience to another level!


Halloween Week at Boujis

After months of planning and production, Boujis Club is ready to be transformed again for Halloween 2015! Team Boujis have been working tirelessly to ensure we deliver bigger and better than last year. The grand unveiling of 'The Boujis Crypt' will be next Thursday with DJ StarRocker being a devil on the decks!  


Halloween Week Boujis

Our lavish pre-Halloween party is going to set us up for a weekend of weird and wonderful costumes as we head into the darkness... the Halloween Horror show is going to be a night of twisted decadence as the aptly named Rafa-L The Saint takes to the decks for some horrific hours of haunting music!  


Halloween Week Boujis

This is it - the big one! Halloween 2015! As we Embark on A Nightmare on Thurloe Street prepared to be shocked out of your skin as we host a Halloween night to go down in history. Costumes are compulsory so we expect an outrageous effort from our Boujis Beasts! Legendary duo London Beats will be on hand to spin a scary set with a spooky soundtrack.  


Halloween Week Boujis

To end the week, the infamous SUPER SUNDAY has partnered with Patron Tequila to execute one final fearful fling. The worldwide celebration of 'Dia de Los Muertos' will be a dramatic finale to the Halloween celebrations with some of the most elaborate costumes ever created. To ensure we go out with a bang, we will also be OPEN UNTIL 5 AM!  

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