Friday party at Movida

Super Friday night

Movida club is the most popular West End nightclub between the VIP partygoers. And it is not a surprise, because Movida hosts the most luxury parties, where it is very usual to meet famous celebrities and leggy super models.

Movida party

Inside this club is divided into fancy lounge bar called Mood and the main dance area called Movida. But if you prefer to party with special intimity,  Movida  has super luxury VIP room - Le Salon. So you decide in which part of this club you prefer to stay the night out , but , without any doubt,  you would love all of them if you like stylish party!

Friday party at Movida is the most popular event. Well, it is true for someone who enjoy crazy but VIP parties. Many clubbers even say that there is no other super event in London like Friday party at Movida. We just say - it is worth to visit!