Free Entry Mason House


Address: 8-9 Argyll Street W1F 7TF London, UK

In the heart of London a nightclub, Mason House, pays homage to the road's heritage with a space that resembles a Masonic temple. That is if you ignore the fashionable clientele, chequered dance floor, and thumping sound system.

vip birthday package at Mason House

If you're ready to party in this amazing club with free entry, the extravagant decoration will transport you to another time and attracts a wealthy and fashionable crowd including celebrities such as Beyonce and Jay-Z.

dress code at mason house london

Free entry is such a good advantage, but you must consider the dress code of the club before you want to live this amazing experience!

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Don't hesitate and take advantage of the free entry to this well-known club only joining our guest list!

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