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The age restriction is a very important point when you want to go out in London. Do you want to know the minimum age of The Roof Gardens? Continue reading!  

The Roof Gardens is one of London's best-kept secrets. Located in South Kensington this nightclub has become a reference in London nightlife because you can party in a rooftop, only If have the minimum age!

the roof gardens

The minimum age for entry to The Roof Gardens is for people over 21 years old, and also, they're very strict with the ID so don't leave it at home!  

The Roof Gardens is perfect for a full age birthday celebration; a rooftop, amazing views, and live music! If you want to celebrate the best birthday at this club, take a look at our birthday packages! They will surprise you! Check out The Roof Garden's birthday packages HERE. 

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The age restriction it's something you can't forget, but also you must be aware of the dress code and dress to impress the staff!

Info and Bookings

If you want to enjoy a memorable night out at The Roof Gardens you can book a VIP table with us and enjoy the little secrets of this club; they have pink flamingos!

dress code at the roof gardens

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Do you have the minimum age to enjoy The Roof Gardens? Then you must join in our guest list and enjoy an unforgettable night!

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