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Things To Do In October 2016 at London

Finally, autumn is here! October is back and a lot of different plans for spending a nice month in London. Do you want to know them? Check this article!

Things To Do In October 2016 at London

London Film Festival 2016

If you're a cinema lover, this is definitely your month. The London Film Festival is the biggest and the more known in all UK.  It runs from Wednesday, October 5 to Sunday, October 16, but during these weeks you can watch a lot of film screenings, lectures about different directors, assist with some workshops of filmmakers, and of course, you can watch the amazing red carpet premieres where a lot of famous faces of Hollywood will parade.

Yes, we know that the Oscar's are more famous, but London has its charm and we love it!

london film festival

Picasso Portraits Exhibition

National Gallery usually offers an amazing amount of exhibitions, but this one -and If you love art- is something you can't miss!  Until Sunday, February 5, you can visit the "Picasso Portraits" which traces the development of Picasso throughout his life. You will find around 80 works, that are absolutely amazing to see. Also, the exhibition shows the transition trough caricature, the facial expressions, and much more. If you visit it on Friday's there's an offer of 100 tickets for 5 £, there're no excuses for visiting it!


The Alternative London Tour

London has hundreds of different tours like Harry Potter Tour or Jack The Ripper tour, but what about a tour of East London and the alternative street art of it?  Until Saturday, December 24 you can enjoy an original tour which will reveal you the East London's "alternative" side.

You'll be introduced to the history and culture of this part of London - which includes Brick Lane 'Banglatown' and Shoreditch- and how this area is becoming a reference in alternative art and street art. You knew the typical tourism London, what about the hidden part?

alternative london tour 2016

London Literature Festival 2016  

Reading lovers here? If it is, you're in luck because this Sunday 16 of October takes place the "London Literature festival"!  At Southbank Centre, will take place the famous event and acclaimed authors, poets, speakers and collaborators will offer lectures and conferences! Also, the festival is celebrating it's tenth year in 2016 so the festival will include live readings, talks and workshops with famous writers. A must if you're a bookworm!

london literature festival 2016

The Chocolate Show

If you're looking for a very good excuse to eat chocolate, "The chocolate show" that takes place this Friday 14th of October is the perfect one!  

At this amazing and original festival you'll taste a lot of different types of chocolates, demonstrations, activities and also a "Fashion show" were the cute outfits could be literally eaten! You won't be disappointed If you're an absolutely chocolate fan!

chocolate show 2016

MCM London Comic Con

It's has been a long wait but finally the London Comic Con of 2016 it's here! All sci-fi fans, gamers, comic collectors and movie buffs this is your place!  

This amazing event is the UK's biggest modern pop culture convention, located in central London takes place Saturday, October 28. Here you'll find dealer stall, special guests, plenty of manga and cosplay, etc. And of course, some conferences and famous people of TV Series or Films, you can expect everything here!

Comic con london 2016

Halloween 2016

This year Halloween falls on Monday, October 31 and London is becoming more terrific!  This night you'll have plenty of events around the city, and get ready to carve creepy pumpkins and your best costume and make-up for this amazing night! If you're doubting about what to do, you can check our website and join in the guest lists of our nightclubs, that will do some terrific amazing parties of Halloween!

Halloween 2016

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