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Scarlett London: Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion Blogger


Scarlett London: Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion Blogger


Our Lux family keeps on growing! This time, our new member is Scarlett Dixon, the author of www.scarlettlondon.com.

Scarlett began her blog in 2011. Initially, it was a way to showcase her online writing portfolio as she is an aspiring journalist. However, she discovered a community of fashion bloggers and decided to try it too. Besides her blog, Scarlett is also a consistent writer for Trend Life, The Bournemouth Echo's Student Eye, NowSki and has previously written for Netmums, Famously Fit, The People Magazine, among others.

She loves blogging because of the opportunities and experience it has given her. Her inspiration comes mainly from other bloggers. She reads different blogs with different niches, readers, and fans. London is also part of her inspiration. She loves exploring the city and documenting it on her blog. 

Scarlett will continue the hard work with www.scarlettlondon.com. Every new reader puts a smile on her face. To have people reading, commenting, tweeting and emailing is that one thing that keeps her motivated. On a future, she wants to make this her full-time career.  For her being a blogger is being your own PR, your own agent, personal assistant and business manager.

Her advice for other bloggers? "Keep going. Being a consistent blogger is what keeps readers coming back. Be active on social media, tweet users your articles. It's all about interacting, keeping up with what is popular - but similarly, being unique in the way you deliver your content". 


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