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Party at Jalouse

Hot & even hotter

Party at Jalouse

London is a very party city full of chic nightclubs. One of them is loved by celebrities, supermodels, and VIPs - Jalouse club. "Jalouse" is a French word, which means "jealousy" and this venue definitely lives up to its name. Jalouse is a strict members-only club, but once you there - you are the VIP and may enjoy the privileges of the elite of London.

Jalouse Club

This club has a special Hollywood atmosphere with all these low lightning, ceiling crystals and ice buckets full of Champagne. The cocktail list is very impressive and worth to try, plenty of alcohol and fresh ingredients is what they are famous for.

Jalouse party

As you may expect, party at Jalouse is the most incredible event, which is "must go" for the fashionable people and VIPs. Thursday night is one of the most famous parties at Jalouse club, called "Models + Bottles".  It is a regular party which is considered to be the hottest event in London! Cool RnB/hip-hop rhythms and beautiful well-dressed people around, what else is important for a great party at Jalouse

Jalouse club

If you want to have the special night - party at Jalouse club is the best experience to have! Don't miss your chance to enjoy amazing London nightlife!