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Partnership with Vesper Black




Vesper Black

The Lux family keeps on growing! And this time we are doing it by joining forces with Vesper Black, a company that works with film, fashion, and media in the city of London. As Lux Guest List, Vesper Black also hosts exclusive and luxurious events at the most selective clubs in town such as Cirque le Soir, Cafe de Paris, Funky Buddha, Project, among many others. The company has a strong identity that can be described in two words: innovative and stylish.

Vesper Black has always believed in offering a warm and personalized service to its customers. Both companies, now together, are committed to keeping offering this personalized service with the main purpose of fulfilling everyone's expectations. 

Check out their website:

Vesper Black


Aside, they also own Vesper White, specialized in day parties and exclusive events in London, South of France, Ibiza and Las Vegas. So if someday you are looking for a nice brunch in London or an awesome pool party in Las Vegas, check out Vesper White's web page here: www.vesperwhiteparties.com. 

This is not all! For those who didn't know London's nightlife is also known for its open mic nights that include singing and comedy. The Vesper Black team has also taken care of this field of entertainment by creating Comedy Rocks. Check out their website to see the most important events related to the comedy and open mic nights in London: www.comedy-rocks.com. Indeed, it is a good option if you want to spend a fun night or simply do something out of the ordinary. 

This has been an amazing year for Lux! Keep tuned as we still have many surprises for you in the near future!