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Dress Code for London Clubs

Before going out we always ask ourselves... what shoul I wear? Of course we always want to look good and feel good when we go out clubbing. In London the dress code is very important. What is the dress code? The rules regarding to clothing. Every club has its own rules and dress code. A very important factor is to know the club we’re attending, but in London we can resume the dress code of the majority of clubs as Smart & Trendy. 

Dress Code for London Clubs

The main rule to keep in mind is: NO sportswear. If you are not dressed as required you will be immediately informed and will not gain access to the club. The door manager is the one that decides who gets into the club and who doesn’t. For guys we recommend shirt and trousers (in case of wearing jeans remember to select only smart ones). For the ladies a nice dress or skirt and shoes. 

If you stick to this we assure you won’t have any problem at the door and will enjoy your night without any problem!!

This are the hottest and best dressed girls we’ve spotted in the different clubs we have guest list for: 




As you can see black and sequins are always an excellent choice. But summer is here so we can start having fun with colors and prints!! A TIP for the LADIES: Always keep in mind that clothing is the 50%, the other 50% is your attitude and confidence. Don't forget that, we assure you that if you combine those 3 things you will definitely shine! ;)

Take out your best outfit and heels and party with us at the best clubs in London!!