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London - Whole World In One Town

People can be divided into two groups. Those who hate London. And those who absolutely love it. Whether you are in the first or the second group you might have never look at London from that perspective: London is like the whole world squeezed in a town. You don’t have to pack your luggage, save money for months, apply for a visa and get some additional vaccinations to travel the world as everything that the world has to offer you can find in this city jungle. Don’t believe me? Just keep reading!

London - Whole World In One Town


Let’s go to NYC!

To get to New York City you don’t need to fly through 5 times zone but simply take Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf. There, you will find yourself surrounded by huge glass skyscrapers and if you go there on weekdays you have a big chance to fulfil Hollywood movie scenario and bump into a smart guy in a well-cut suit and with a leather briefcase.

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Amazonia Adventure

If tropical forest is on your “things to see” list you should definitely visit Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens. The variety of plants, trees, bushes, flowers, rhizomes, creepers, climbers will awake you primal instinct. So if you hear the call of nature and  you want to feel like Tarzan you should visit the Kew Gardens.

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Paris and Moulin Rouge is in Cirque le Soir

Always wanted to see Moulin Rouge show live and not on the TV screen? This unique and very prestigious venue earned its fame thanks to live circus shows, burlesque and cabaret. There is always something they surprise you with. If you want to check out the magic of this place sign up to Lux Guestlist for Cirque le Soir or book a VIP table at: (+44)77 691 691 01.


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Tokyo drift? Well, not exactly... but definitely a spirit of Asia

If you yearn to know how it feels to be in Japan you should try to get into a tube in Oxford Circus station during the rush hour. Maybe there is no professional train pushers or subway packers, like it is in Tokyo, but you can tell that some people do have years of experience in pushing, squeezing and packing.

(video of Tokyo subway packers)

A little romance in Venice

London has its own Little Venice! Just next to the Warwick Avenue tube station there is a whole network of little, charming canals. Especially during Autumn when trees change their colours and it’s a cuddle weather time (SO NOW!) this area attracts couples and those who need a little romance in their lives.

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Quick escape to Honolulu

We all need a little holiday at the end of the week. Good news is that you don’t need to book your flight. Just sign up to Lux guestlist and go to Mahiki! The venue with its fresh fruity delicious cocktails, colourful flowers, bamboo furniture and seashell lamps will let you to forget about constant rush of the city jungle and make you feel like you were in tropical paradise.

To sign up for the Guestlist to Mahiki click HERE

To book a VIP table contact: (+44)77 691 691 01

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So can you actually travel the world without leaving London? For sure you can experience something different everyday and get the foretaste of other cultures and places (to check the full list of events HERE). But we would never like to discourage you from travelling! And if you go to Madrid ot Barcelona, do not forget that we are also there ready to be your nightlife guide and sensei.

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