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Best London Private Member's Club

Today we are going to present the exclusive and very famous members clubs. Before starting, you probably don’t know what a members club is. A members club is a place where you can find restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels. The minority of person who is in these clubs come from the same professional environment or they have the same hobbies (like art, cinema,...). If you want to enter in one of these clubs you need first to make an application, for example, you have to write an application letter, in the second time you need for some members clubs to be sponsored by one or two members of the club, and after all this steps complete you have to pay your annual membership and sometimes a joining fee.

Best London Private Member's Club

The Arts Club

Established since 1863 in 1896 the clubs is relocated at 40 Dover Street. It was founded in order to create a place where professional and amateur of the world of the art can meet, exchange ideas, dine and participate in events.

The Arts Club  The Arts Club

Address: 40 Dover Street  Mayfair, London,  W1S 4NP 

3 memberships: 

•• Young Person: Under 30 years old, Annual subscription 750£, Joining fee 750£.

•• Second person: Spouse or partner sharing the same address as a Full Member, Annual subscription 750£, Joining fee 0£.

•• Full Membership: 30 years or older, annual subscription 1500£, joining fee 2000£.


Loulou’s Club

Established since 5 Hertford Street Mayfair London W1J 7RB, a lot of celebrities are members of this club like George Clooney, Kate Middleton, and Prince William for example.

Loulous Club  Loulous Club

Address: 5 Hertford Street London W1J 7RB

The price is determinate after the decision about the demand to enter the club.


Tramp is a Members club and a restaurant located on Jermyn Street in St James’, Mayfair, London. It’s Oscar Lerman, Bill Ofner and Johnny Gold who created this club in 1969, nowadays the director is Brian Crawford. The club hosted Frank Sinatra to the Beatles, the royalty of many nationalities, Hollywood’s major players and the highest echelons of international society.

Tramp Members Club  Tramp Members Club

Address: 9 Adam Street, WC2N 6AA London, United Kingdom

Membership: annual subscription 750£.

Soho House

Established in 1995, the soho house is a group of houses, hotels, restaurants. This club is reserved for those in film, media and creative industries.

Soho House   Soho Members Club

Address: 72-74 Dean Street, London, W1D 3SG


•• Registration fee 200£

•• Registration fee under 27 100£

•• Local house 800£

•• Under 27 Local house 400£

•• Every house 1400£

•• Under 27 Every House 800£

Shoreditch House

This club was created in 2007 for local creative industries, a workplace for freelancers and a great spot for a night out, in addition to that you can find several bars, a restaurant, a gymnasium, flywheel studio, barber and parlor, ping pong, rooftop pool, and gardens.

Scoreditch House London  Scoreditch Members Club

Address: Ebor St, London E1 6AW, United Kingdom

•• Local House — £900

•• Local House membership gives you access to Shoreditch House facilities only.

•• Every House — £1400

•• Every House membership gives you access to Shoreditch House and all its sister clubs such as the 

•• Electric House and Soho House.

•• Under 27 Local House — £600

•• Under 27 membership gives you access to Shoreditch House facilities only.

•• Under 27 Every House — £800

•• Every House membership gives you access to Shoreditch House and all its sister clubs such as the 

•• Electric House and Soho House.

•• Shoreditch Child — £150 This gives access to Shoreditch House only and a parent must also be a member.

•• Registration Fee (First year only) £200

•• Registration Fee U27 (First year only) £100

Our news about the members club is over, but if you are very interested in it you can make an application but you need to be patient because they have a huge waiting list!