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London ranked as most expensive city globally


London ranked as most expensive city globally

London has become the world's most expensive city to live in overtaking Hong Kong who has been on #1 for 5 years straight. After Hong Kong, we have New York City on #3, Paris at #4 & Tokyo at #5. The main reason for London to take the #1 spot is because of its big increases in office rents. London has also become “the world’s most expensive city for companies to locate employees” becoming twice as pricey than Sydney and four times more than Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Compared to other cities, London's nightlife is pretty expensive as well. If you want to enter a club, besides having to be on a guest list, you must pay an entry of usually £20 just to gain access. 

The majority of people prefer to have a few drinks at a bar before hitting the club because of the drinks high prices. The average price for a drink in London is around 15£ (around 20€). For those looking for a more special and private area, you will always have the option of booking your own VIP table with a more personalized service. For this, you will have to pay at least 500£ for a normal table (approx. 630 EU). Don't be surprised if you find clubs with a minimum spend of 1000£ for a normal table (around 1300 €) and 2000£ (2600 €) for a VIP table. This is something pretty normal in London!! 

London's Nightlife

The first national sport in this city is to spend as much money as you can in one night! Having the most exclusive clubs worldwide, you will find plenty of models, international businessman, and celebrities partying in style at this clubs. Some tables can reach the 10 000£ spend! For example, during the Gumball 3000, there was a real competition between spending table. Some of them got to pay around 40 000£! London's nightlife scene won't stop surprising us! You will definitely experience some unforgettable nights!

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