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Collaboration Lux Guest List & Londnr Magazine


Collaboration Lux Guest List & Londnr Magazine

London is known for being one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world! It has become a way of life, not just a place to live. Noisy, vibrant and multicultural, is the way we could describe what truly is the city of London. The capital has so much to offer that you will definitely need a guide to inform you and keep you updated on the latest news, venues, and events.

Londnr Magazine is your golden ticket to indulge in everything London has to offer including arts, culture, and lifestyle. Check out their website and acquire intriguing insights and tips to impress at cocktail hour: www.londnr.com.

The amazing team behind what is Londnr had a night with Lux Guest List at The Roof Gardens and had an amazing time! Read the whole review here

Londnr The Roof Gardens

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