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Cocktails, Drinks & Calories

Have you ever wondered how many calories has your favorite drink or cocktail? Well, we are here to answer your question and clarify any doubts on which are the "healthier" ones. ;)

Cocktails, Drinks & Calories

Here the top 10 most popular cocktails and drinks:

1) Piña Colada

Created in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the 1950s, it has been a classic cocktail for many years and as you can see doesn't go out of style. Rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice are its main ingredients.

Piña Colada Calories

A piña colada cocktail has approximately 500 calories, placing it in the first position.

2) Cuba Libre 

Another classic, rum and cola, (also called cuba libre) is a Cuban cocktail resulting from the mixing of cola with rum.

Cuba Libre Calories

A Cuba Libre has about 250 calories, remaining therefore tied with tequila sunrise and taking second place.

3) Tequila Sunrise

Tequila in its different combinations is another beverage that sneaks into the list of favorites, specifically, the Tequila Sunrise. Although the original recipe for this exotic Tequila-based cocktail was made with cassis cream, lemon juice, and soda, the most common current version of the Tequila Sunrise recipe is prepared with orange juice and grenadine.

Tequila Sunrise Drink

A medium glass of tequila sunrise contains approximately 250 calories, remaining third.

4) Vodka

Vodka is a classic on party nights, being able to take a thousand forms and combinations, of Russian origin, is usually produced through the fermentation of grains and other plants rich in starch, such as rye, wheat, or potato.

Vodka Calories

Only the vodka of your combined already takes about 230 calories, without counting what you want to mix, so it takes fourth place in our ranking.

5) Mojito

With only rum, sugar, soda, lime and mint you can make a great cocktail. We refer, as you may have imagined, to the mojito, the king of cocktails a super refreshing drink for the hottest days of summer.

Mojito Calories

A mojito has approximately 217 calories, taking fifth place in our ranking.

6) Sangria

The Sangria is originally from Spain and generally consists of red wine and fruits.

Sangria Calories

A glass of sangria has approximately 180 calories, remaining in sixth place.

7) Dry Martini

One of the best-known cocktails, composed of gin with a vermouth stream. Usually served in a cocktail glass, decorated with a crossed olive.

Dry Martini

A dry martini has approximately 150 calories, seventh place for the martini!

8) Gin Tonic

Gin Tonic

A standard Gin Tonic has approximately 115 calories, taking the eighth place.

9) Beer

Yes, we already know that it is not a cocktail but we thought that you would be interested to know if the beer belly is a myth or reality ...

Beer Calories

The blonde beer has about 90 calories per glass, and the black one a little more, 110, so we dismantle the myth and get a ninth place.

10) Champagne

Who has not celebrated with champagne on a special occasion? This drink is a type of sparkling wine made according to the Champenoise method in the Champagne region, in the northeast of France.

Champagne Calories

A glass of champagne has 70 calories, so it is placed at number 10 of our calorie ranking, we must also bear in mind that champagne is served in thin glasses that usually have much less quantity than other drinks.

Who would've thought? Champagne has been and will always be the answer. ;)