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Partnership with Caroline - Lifestyle Blogger

The Lux family is growing! We are more than happy to introduce the new member of our team, Caroline, our new lifestyle blogger! 

Partnership with Caroline - Lifestyle Blogger

Caroline was born in Epping but moved to London in 2002.  Studied at Leith's School of Food & Wine and has her own little baking company. She loves going out and is always excited to try new places! Her blog is the platform where she shares all of her thoughts and experiences. She loves photography so you may as well find great pictures of the places she visits.

Caroline started the journey of blogging in February 2013. She wanted to share her travel, nights out and restaurant reviews with those who have similar interests. For this reason, she decided to create her own blog "Cocktails and Caroline". In this blog, she incorporates her passion for writing and photography and also works as a fantastic digital diary of her memories and life experiences.

What else does Caroline love? Elvis Presley, Sex And The City, Las Vegas, scones, karaoke and Ben Affleck!

Here are some of Caroline's tips for those who are interested in entering the world of fashion blogging: 

"My top 3 tips would be: 1) try not to be intimidated into hiding your camera away - you'll never regret the photos you take, only the ones you don't.   2) The only blog when your heart is in it and you're writing about something you're interested in - when it becomes a chore, have a break.  3)  Reply to any comments that are left on your blog and try to form some relationships - it's amazing how many new friends you can make!"

She wrote about her amazing night out at Kensington Roof Gardens with Lux Guest List.

Find the review here: 


Roof Gardens

Get to know her a little better, see her lovely blog here: