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Visit Cirque le Soir - the only Night Circus in London


Visit Cirque le Soir - the only Night Circus in London

Come One! Come All!

See the Best Night Circus In the Word!

Come to see the most incredible performers of all times!

Come see the things you can’t see anything elsewhere!

 Come and see dwarves, magicians, clowns, sword swallowers fire-eaters, burlesque angle grinders, snake charmers.

Whatever is weird, strange, incredible is even more twisted here in Cirque le Soir.


And soon it will get even more freaky on New Years Evening! london lux guestlist and vip table booking contact info

More info coming soon... 

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Since it’s opening in London in 2009 small nightclub placed next to Carnaby Street, in the heart of London managed to earn its prestige and fame thanks to extraordinary shows and 1 am parades.

Having its sister venues in Dubai, Shanghai with 2 more cities coming in the next 2 years Cirque le Soir is attended by the celebrities such as Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio,  Madonna, Jude Law, Usher, Russel Crowe among many others.

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What is the best about Cirque le Soir is that you can expect unexpected? It is a wonderful entertainment supported by internationally-known DJs, top mixologists, and eccentric circus decor. The nightclub is so popular that it gets to the top of its capacity every night.

So to enter this full of surprises venue you have to be on the guest list. You can sign up by clicking HERE.  If you would like to book a VIP table the best way is to do it in advance. You can do it by clicking HERE.

london lux guestlist and vip table booking contact info