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Remember Bonfire Night London 2015

As the cooler autumn evenings have already started it's worth to warm yourself up with some mulled wine, hot chocolate, and breath-taking show. So remember, remember the fifth of November...  As every year on the 5th of November the sky in London will blow in a million of colors, so make sure you attend one of the 27 major Bonfire Night events happening across the city.

Remember Bonfire Night London 2015

bonfire night london 2015 fireworks guy fawkes night

Bonfire Night, also known as Fireworks’ Night or Guy Fawkes’ Night has it's beginning in 1605 when on the 5th of November Guy Fawkes, a member of Gunpowder Plot, was arrested and the plan of blow up the Houses of Parliament ended. To celebrate the fact that King James I survived people lit a bonfire around London, which became a British tradition and is commemorated until today.

bonfire night big ben blow up 2015 fireworks guy fawkes

The events start from tomorrow but will last all weekend long with the major events happening on Friday and Saturday. So make sure you plan your nights and you keep on celebrating King James I survival properly! Join us on Friday at The Roof Garden, unless you can think of a better place to watch fireworks than on the rooftop ;)  

bonfire night at the roof gardens london kensington fireworks lux guestlist fireworks

On Thursday Night we are in DRAMA

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And on Saturday Night we see you either in Mason House

mason house london night club lux vip guestlist and tabe booking


55 Club

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Or search our website for more parties across London.


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