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Partnership with Laura Hyatt - Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

We welcome a new member to the Lux team, Laura Hyatt, a very stylish Fashion & Lifestyle blogger based in London.  

Partnership with Laura Hyatt - Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Laura is from Warrington but now based in London. She has always been interested in fashion but it all started the first time she went to college. Through fashion, she finds a way to experiment and show her personality. Laura started “Heroine in Heels” a year ago. She chose a career dominated by males, works in the investment banking industry, with her blog she explores her girlie side. She has a very glamorous style. She doesn’t own a pair of jeans, and to give credit to the name of her blog, she constantly lives in heels. She loves to take risks in fashion and loves to make a statement, especially through her heels. 

With her blog, Laura has influenced and inspired others. Through blogging, she has also met true friends, people who share her same interests. London is her inspiration, she says is one of the best cities in the world! It has a high standard of bars, clubs, restaurants, and events, so with all that on offer, you always have new things to try. 

She will continue working on her blog, her aim is to become a trusted source of what’s going on in London. Her advice for aspiring bloggers? Don’t do what everyone else is doing, try new things, that's how the next big things get found.  

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