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Best Day Trips from London

If you're in London or planning to visit do not settle with only the city attractions there are also some beautiful sights around the city. 

Best Day Trips from London

There's more than enough to see and most of these places are only within two hours. Here's our guide for the best day trips from London:


How far is Cambridge from London: 1 hour

Cambridge is a beautiful university city and the best way to see it is by taking a boat tour through the canals. The magnificent universities aren't accessible any other way so it is the only way to see them. Besides the beautiful and romantic sights, your guide might share the history and tales of the city with you. Aside from the canal tour, you will also find where to do some shopping lots and of affordable cafes and bars. 

Cambridge London


How far is Oxford from London: 75 minutes

Oxford is another famous and kicking university city in England. Oxford is smaller than Cambridge and much more accessible; in a few hours, you get to see everything. If you are a Harry Potter fan visiting Oxford is a must. You will definitely feel the Harry Potter vibe as parts of the film were filmed here. 

Oxford London


How far is Brighton from London: 75 minutes

When the sun starts to shine, Brighton is the seaside town where Londoners like to hang out. It has a colourful and artistic city centre and a famous pier. The city is a beautiful mishmash of hip and high-class people. The houses here cost a fortune! Brighton is a really cool choice to get some fresh air at the beach, eat at great restaurants and shop till you drop.

Brighton Pier London


How far is Bath from London: 1.5 hours

Bath is the perfect place to go if you want to visit a real classic English city. It is a stylish and pretty city with Victorian houses that offers a lot in terms of dining and shopping. The biggest attraction in Bath are the Roman baths which are really interesting to visit. 

Bath London


How far is Bath from London: 1.5 hours

At Stonehenge is a British icon with a history spanning 4,500 years. You will literally walk in the footsteps of Neolithic ancestors. Decipher the mystery of the unique rock formation as you learn about the many theories surrounding it. Whether it was a religious site or a burial ground, it is definitely a masterpiece in engineering. After about 90 minutes you’ve seen everything at Stonehenge, so you can still choose to explore nearby Salisbury (where your train will arrive and depart from).

Stonehenge London


How far is Cotswolds from London: 1.5 hour

The best way to truly enjoy Cotswolds is by reserving a whole weekend for the pleasure. But if you don't want to spend a whole weekend there's still plenty of things to see in just one day. You can choose two or three cities you'd like to see and appreciate the nature on your way there. You'd have to rent a car to see and explore the cute and quite countryside villages. 

Cotswolds London


How far is Windsor from London: 45 minutes

Undoubtedly the highlight of the visit to Windsor is the castle where the royal family is often staying which is publicly accessible. Another attraction is to get a beautiful 2-hour boat ride through the city over the famous Thames river. Windsor is also full of pubs and eateries and you can also sit and stroll along the river.

Windsor London


How far is Manchester from London: 2 hours

Manchester is best when you spend the night there but if you leave early in the morning you could still make it into a day trip. Manchester is not necessarily a beautiful city but it’s definitely a nice city where the atmosphere is really vibrant and fun. You’ll mostly find this in hip restaurants and a countless number of pubs. The city also has a huge shopping mall if that’s the thing you’re looking for.

Manchester London