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Autumn is the Best Season in London

So today summer is officially over. Welcome to the Autumn!

Autumn is the Best Season in London

Some of you... Ok, probably most of you are feeling depressed even when thinking about Autumn but here we are to up lift you a bit and remind you that Autumn in London can be beautiful, fun and the best season of the year. And it is all because...

17. Trees in Regent's Park surprise you with their colours

autumn london regents park colours lux

16. When there is fog, you feel like Sherlock Holmes

fog walking london like sherlock holmes

15. Your Favourite TV Shows are back on the air

watching your favourite series autumn london lux cozy

14. Octoberfest!

octoberdest beer festival germany london beer lovers 2015

13. You can spoil yourself with ginger-honey-lemon tea, hot chocolate or Pumpkin Spice Latte in Starbucks.

spoil yourself with hot chocolate autumn winter drink

12. New season, new clothes. Perfect excuse for shopping!

fashion week autumn winter season 2015 london lux

11. If you have a bad hair day you can wear a hat and nobody will look at you strange

bad hair day hat london lux autumn fashion

10. It's cuddle weather ^^

cold cuddle weather is perfect excuse for cuddling london autumn

9. You have an extra hour to do whatever you like

winter time change london

8. Halloween costumes will make you laugh

funny halloween costume dog bulldog bee ideas

7. And it's is a great excuse to party all week long...!

halloween party london best costumes scary

6. On the 5th of November the sky is exploding in a burst of colours

5th of november bonfire night 2015 fireworks london

5. Novem-beard!

novem-beard beard london no shaving handsome london

4. Can be played both ways ;)

no shave november can be played by two

3. Christmas Carols in every shop reminds you that Christmas break is soon.

house of fraser christmas carols singing winter london

2. Bathing Suit Season is over - nobody will notice these extra pounds you gained. Besides you still have few months before getting in shape for another Summer.

autumn food delights extra punds don't matter london autumnal flavours

1. You have completely new parties to attend!!! 

london lux guestlist parties series autumn 2015

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